Message form Students

To be truthful,l believe a vibrant and homely learning environment is what students expect from Navodit college and I am grateful to claim that I have never been held down from that expectation by Navodit college since I joined here. After SLC, I was in dilemma about choosing the appropriate college to study management then gratefully I stepped into the educational world of Navodit. Navodit is an incredible composition of education, skills, fun, friendship and self development. The college possesses energetic, experienced teachers, sound management and platforms for extra-curricular activities too. But, the thing I love the most about Navodit is its friendly and free environment which helps students to think out of the box. I am grateful to Navodit family for my accomplishment.
Raju Bhandari 78% in BBS 2074
Navodit College provides students with opportunities and challenges that help them develop and grow inside and outside the classrooms. The college actively seeks innovate ways to reach out to learners. Creative thinking and problem solving are central to the academic programs at Navodit College. Learning takes place in an environment where students can thrive. All the teachers are well trained experienced and qualified so that they teach well. This helps to have bright future. The best management facilities of Navodit College attract more and more students every year.
Sarina Maharjan 84% in HSEB Board, 2073
"Navodit college is the best place to learn given its friendly and competent faculty members, peaceful environment and state-of the-art teaching methodologies, it is also an equally best place to develop skills through extra curricular activities. Here in Navodit, I have had the amazing experience of learning through the guidance of supportive faculty helped me to discover my true potential. Moreover, being in Navodit College got me an opportunity to expand my knowledge and learn skills that would eventually make me a responsible member of the society. Navodit is the right place for anyone whose quest is quality education. I consider myself lucky to be a part of it."
Ramesh Khatri 74% in BBS, 2073